Abuk sat on the top of a tall tower, his feet dangling, kicking the brick with his heels, staring at the vast, arid land around him. His mind wandered away from the infinite that surrounded him and got to his feet, his toes to the edge of his father’s palace. Abuk leaned forward over the wall, testing the limits of his balance. Abuk wondered what it would be like to end his life; what happened in the life after this, would Allah be merciful to him? Would his life be any happier for him, or would be punished for ending his own life?

Abuk closed his eyes feeling the wind pick up speed and tousle his hair. His mind wandered to the darkest parts of his imagination, would it hurt when his body hit the ground? Or would the elation of flying and finally being free be enough to overpower the pain that he may feel?

Suddenly, Abuk felt something constrict on his throat before he was pulled down to his back. He turned to glare at the person who had hindered his flight into darkness, his eyes falling upon a beautiful young girl. Abuk could not help but be ensnared by the girl’s eyes; he had never before seen such a beautiful green. The color was seldom seen where he lived; instead various shades of brown were prevalent, skin, eyes, dirt, brown everywhere. It was a green that he had only seen in paintings and in his dreams, a color of growth, and lushness, and hope.

Abuk drew himself out of his stupor and reviewed his current situation; confusion and embarrassment surged through his entire being.

“Who are you? Why did you do that? How did you find me?” The questions just spilled out of Abuk’s mouth. “Who are you?”

Assaulted by the string of question she stumbled back towards the door. The young girl looked as though she knew not how to answer him or which question to answer first.

“Don’t jump,” she whispered quickly as she stumbled back through the doorway, starting into a run as she passed over the threshold, leaving Abuk in even more bewilderment. Abuk arose to chase after her but she had disappeared just as quickly as she appeared. Abuk returned to his ledge laying so his legs once again dangled, he closed his eyes in an attempt to burn her image into his mind, never wanting to lose her beauty.

Abuk awoke to his name being called throughout his father’s palace. He distinctly heard the shrill panic of his mother’s voice. Abuk hated that his mother worried so much and hated disappointing her even more. Abuk stood up brushing of his kaftan, he called back to his mother as he made his way into the palace and down the stairs from the tallest tower, “I’m right here!”

“Where have you been my sweet? I was so worried!”

“Wondering what it would be like to fly.” Abuk felt bad lying to his mother; she seemed to be the only one who understood him in the entire empire. Stretching the truth did not make him feel too guilty, “Mother, I saw a girl my age with the greenest of eyes, do you know her? Is she one of the servant’s daughters?”

“Oh my dear Abuk, leave flying to the birds; they are the only ones who have been blessed with wings!”

“Mother, the girl, do you know her?” Abuk felt his spirit flicker at the idea of seeing the girl again, slowly burning away at the darkness and gloom that seemed to overpower him.

Abuk believed his mother to be beautiful. Her skin was warm, and her face only showed wrinkles when she smiled or when she was thinking deeply. The wrinkles appeared now as she pondered. Her eyes were reminded him of clouds before it rained, a slow downpour free of lightning. Abuk had only seen his mother’s hair twice to his recollection for it was normally hidden under her tesettür, in his memory it was the chestnuts and flowed down her back.

“My son, I know every servant in this house and none of them have green eyes.”


I thought I would try my own hand at a creating a “fairy tale,” the rest to come soon!