Incoherence Part 2

WARNING: This goes to a dark place; it turned out to be more of an anti-fairy tale then anything else.

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Abuk felt his face fall as his mother told him there was no women servants with green eyes. He had always assumed his mother had known everyone; she was the only one he could depend on through everything.  He gazed up at the blue sky and found a black bird floating across the sky; what are the odds that his mother is wrong? There had to be a green eyed girl running around the palace, there just had to be!

Abuk’s mother had never failed him before.  She always had been there for him even in the darkest of nights. Abuk felt a strange sensation creeping from the depths of his stomach, was that betrayal? He was used to feeling that way when he was near his father but never his mother.  Abuk felt ashamed at the mere thought of it, tuning from his mother with a hasty, “Thank you,” and hurried to hide his rosy cheeks.

Abuk ran to the tallest tree in the courtyard and started to climb.  He was starting to get anxious; the height had always calmed him down.  One missed hand hold or foot placement and he would fall to the ground; it took concentration in order to reach the highest branch.  Over the years Abuk’s anxious energy had pushed him to climb further and further up the tree.  He now climbed to the top without fear of falling, only the curiosity of the plummet.

Once he had reached the top, Abuk felt his negative energies disappear and peace re-entering his body.  He straddled each side of the branch with his legs and starred down at the ground; his mind wandered back to falling.

The girl with the beautiful green eyes had told him not to but he had pondered it so often that it had become second nature.  Another part f him started to wonder whether the girl was merely a figment of his imagination.  Abuk leaned his torso down so it touched the bark.  He wasn’t that high up, nothing compared to the balcony he had been on earlier.

Suddenly, the green eyes filled his mind and jarred him, causing him the twist suddenly on the limb.  Abuk’s muscles tensed around the branch; even in his thoughts the green eyed girl could stop him from thinking about falling.  She was his guardian, his fairy mother, watching over him and keeping him from dreaming murderous ends.   Knowing his mind was no escape from the judgment of those beautiful eyes he put his mind to a different task; he had to find this girl.  She was the only thing that could keep him grounded, from learning how to fly and how to fall. Abuk decided then and there that he would look everywhere in the palace, sneak away into the nearby village to find her if he had to.

“ABUK!GET DOWN HERE!” The harsh words stumbled over each other out of the voice of the one man that could make Abuk’s skin crawl, his father. “RIGH NOW!” Abuk took a deep breath before he started his decent, maybe if it took long enough, his father would forget why he was standing yelling at a tree.

“Abuk, you stupid child. Get down.” Abuk wanted to fly away but knew that now was not his chance; this was not his opportunity to disappear.  Abuk lowered himself to the ground and turned to face his father.  The overpowering smell of Raki assaulted his nose the smell made his eyes burn. “Stupid child, what were you doing in a tree? Are you a bird? My young child sitting in a tree like a bird, a stupid bird, a stupid child.”

Abuk could not raise his eyes to meet his fathers, bile rose up the back of his throat; he needed to get away.  There was no place to hide; his father’s entourage was just a few paces behind him laughing at the drunken spectacle. His father placed a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t climb trees you idiot boy; you are not a bird.”

Abuk’s father then released his hand off his shoulder and turned to his friends and made his way back to the palace. As soon as his father had left him, Abuk doubled over and retched at the base of the tree not stopping until there was nothing else left in his stomach.

Abuk hated it when his father touched him; there was no comfort in that hand, no love at the end of those finger tips.  Abuk had tried to block the memory from flooding over him; he had tried ever so hard to keep it tucked away in the recesses of him mind.  Whenever he felt the memory creeping back up his whole body would start to tremble. Slowly Abuk regained his composure only letting a few tears fall from his eyes.

Abuk new the only way that he could forget what had happened was to start on his mission, to find the girl with the green eyes. He first turned south to the neighboring village but then looked to the sky and saw that the sun was getting to rest its head. Instead, Abuk headed into the palace hoping against all hopes that he would not see his father when he entered.  Abuk was determined to find her, searching every room and questioning every servant he saw.

He continued his search until it had gotten dark, skipping supper, feeling his pursuit was more important than his stomach.  Worn out by his search, Abuk decided to check one last place before starting fresh tomorrow.  He decided to head back to where he had first seen her, the balcony on the tallest tower.

Abuk slowly opened the door, hoping against hope that she would be there. He scanned the room but did not see her, entering further he started looking in desperate places, behind curtains, underneath the chairs. Abuk was so distracted by his plight that he didn’t hear the door open or a man stumble over the threshold.

“Wha’ are you lookin’ for?” Abuk jumped but froze when he saw the man was his father.  A sick grin started to appear over his father’s face.  “Yer alone?” Slowly scanning the and seeing no one else there locked the door he had just entered.

Abuk had seen his father this drunk only one time before; the last time he had tried to molest him.  Abuk’s head began to spin trying to find a place to run to; his mother would not be able to stop him.  Abuk’s father was about to fracture his soul even further, never would he be whole or happy after this moment.

“You stupid boy; there is no place to run.  There is no place to hide.  Your ignorant mother is asleep; you will not get away from me this time.” His voice was filled with menace but also a heavy promise, this time he would get his way.

Abuk turned and ran out to the balcony; looking for some possible way to escape, but he was overwhelmed but the feeling of nothingness.  The black sky had seemed to overpower even the moon and the stars on this ugly night. Abuk turned to face his father’s advances as he slowly backed towards the edge of the balcony.

“I told you stupid child, stupid bird, there is no place to go, come here.  I want you.”

The green eyes flashed in him mind once more, even more vivid than they had while he was in the tree; it was almost as if she were there in person, giving him permission.  Without hesitation Abuk pushed off from the edge feeling what is was like to fly.